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Wedding Ceremonies

Your wedding ceremony should be bespoke and sacred - it should celebrate your love in a way that feels organic, sincere and wholly in line with who you are as individuals and as a couple. You are under no obligation to include every or any component of a “traditional” wedding ceremony (save for any that are required to ensure the legality of your marriage).


Your ceremony can include any, all, or none of the following:

  • Exchanging of rings or other objects

  • Declaration of vows, devotions, promises and/or intentions, prewritten or custom written by yourselves 

  • Poems or passages of your choosing

  • Gender neutral ceremony language

  • The honouring or acknowledgement of a deity of your choosing

  • Symbolic components or rituals of your creation (e.g. candle lighting, sand pouring)

  • Any of our Ritual Components


​Truly my most robust and custom offering available. I don't just perform your ceremony, I help you curate and craft it. Together we find the right fit for your day from the flow of events to the ritual and non-ritual elements that resonate for you and that can be presented in a way that is approachable for those in attendance. Your custom ceremony is written by me in partnership with you, including unlimited script revisions and edits and support with vow writing. You will also have unlimited video calls to go over details, answer questions and discuss your ceremony vision.


I also offer the personal touch of welcoming your friends and family, connecting directly with your most honoured guests. Unlimited ritual components (see above) can be included in your ceremony with this offering.

We will perform a rehearsal prior to your ceremony that I will facilitate. I will provide guidance with determining setup, flow of movement, people placement, etc. We will perform a run-through of the ceremony (depending on the nature of any included rituals, they may not be performed in full at time of rehearsal) and I will provide support in managing any outside input on your ceremony that may be shared with good intentions, but that are not in-line with your vision. We will also make any changes to script, flow of events, etc. to ensure your vision is perfectly realized.


Ready-Made cereMONY

An ideal option if you’re looking for a simple but lovely marriage or commitment ceremony. I will perform a crafted secular wedding ceremony and ensure all legalities are met for the registration of your marriage. 

For an additional fee, a rehearsal can be added to this offering. 

tailOred cereMONY

An ideal option if you would like to incorporate some ritual into a simple wedding or commitment ceremony. Together, we will have two video meetings to ensure we are in alignment with the vision of your day. I will tailor a crafted ceremony to include one ritual component of your choosing, and you will have an opportunity to review and provide input on it.

If you have other ceremony elements you wish to include (e.g. a poem or passage) I will happily incorporate this in the the ceremony as well, so long as it is crafted by you. 

For an additional fee, a rehearsal can be added to this offering. 

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civil cereMONY

Just the legalities needed to register your marriage.

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