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Fee for Ceremony

$444 (1).png

For an additional fee, the following

may be added to any ceremony:

Ritual Intention Station    Ceremony Rehearsal    Bespoke Script Customization

Wedding ceremony includes:

A crafted ceremony script including RITUAL COMPONENT

Pre-event video calls  with Ainsley to discuss ideas, vision and logistics

Edit and revision of your crafted ceremony script

Ceremonies and rehearsals taking place outside of Winnipeg city limits are subject to

additional travel and mileage fees. To secure your ceremony date, a deposit is required.


Ritual Components

Greeting guests and guiding them through smoke cleansing before they enter the ceremony space (must have outdoor space available or confirmation from venue that smoke is permitted inside).

Casting a circle either before or during the ceremony to call on the elements and earthly directions to create a protected and sacred space.


Acknowledging and honouring ancestors and loved ones who are no longer with us. 


Handfasting ritual as part of the ceremony. I will provide resources and suggestions for crafting your own cord or you may purchase one from a provider of your choice.


Broom jumping ritual as part of the ceremony. Note, you will be required to provide your own broom. I can suggest sources for creating a broom yourself, purchasing a pre-made broom, or local makers for custom-made options. 


For an additional fee, I will create and facilitate a 
Post-ceremony ritual intention station.

See below for details.


Photo © Sam Stregger Photography

Ritual Components

Intention Station


The Ritual Intention Station is available as an addition to our officiant services or as a standalone service.

Your guests will be invited to write down blessings for your union. They are then guided through ritual to bring those intentions into being.

This Offering includes:

Station setup before your ceremony

All needed equipment and supplies for the station

Two hours of active station availability post-ceremony

Your choice of Ritual Water or Ritual Fire to be provided at the station. Fire option available outdoors or in smoke-friendly venue only.

Additional time may be added for a
fee of $50/hour.

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