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My Story

In October of 2018, my partner and I had a ceremony to celebrate our commitment to partnership and family. 


Our friends and family gathered to witness as we declared devotions to each other, committed to becoming a family, held a handfasting ritual and a ceremonial jumping of the broom to symbolize a bright, fresh future together moving forward.


I had a hard time finding someone unconventional yet professional who could bring to life the ceremony we had in mind. I ended up crafting the words and intentions for our ceremony myself, and asking a lovely friend to lead us in ritual to see our day come to fruition. We received many comments about how sincere and meaningful the ceremony was, how it was very ‘us’, and, while different from a traditional ceremony, still beautiful and approachable.

It was this validation that made me believe I was being called to serve by crafting and leading love and life ceremonies for other people like me ♥

Commitment Ceremony with handfasting alternative bride pagan ceremony in Winnipeg Manitoba

Photo © Sam Stregger Photography


I'm committed to crafting ceremonies that respect and celebrate your beliefs, values, lifestyle and relationship(s). 

Be it to wed, commit, hand fast, renew, or all of the above, I love crafting bespoke ceremonies for unconventional folks. Inspired heavily by pagan roots, Celtic ancestry and occult practice, I can imbue age-old or modern ritual into any ceremony. 


If you're a member of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community like I am, know that I deeply understand the importance of feeling like your ceremony reflects you. Working with me, you can count on an experienced vernacular and an authentically unconventional approach that will allow us to change gendered ceremony language and/or reclaim patriarchal wedding traditions to make them your own.


I believe we all deserve to experience those once-in-a-lifetime rites of passage.


 Usually, the tradition of welcoming your child to your community and assigning 'parents' to provide guidance and support on your child's spiritual and/or life path, is reserved only for those who practice organized religions. In addition to love ceremonies, I also lead baby welcoming ceremonies which allows you to formally present your child to your circle of friends/family including ritual ‘Guide Parent’ assignment.


My background in marketing and creative writing, combined with many years' experience presenting professionally and informally, as well as a well honed intuitive and empathetic nature, allows me to produce the words and, just as importantly, curate and capture the feeling you have in heart and mind for your event.


I am a marriage commissioner, a wedding officiant, an event celebrant, a writer, a performer, a queer witch and an open minded lover of love.

I would be honoured to help you manifest the ceremony of your dreams. 

Serving with gratitude, 

Signature of marriage commissioner wedding officiant in Winnipeg Manitoba
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©2022 by Ainsley✨

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